The Corn-Fed Tee

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Does your perfect day start with cornflakes and end with corn whiskey? Do you go to state fairs just for the corn on the cob? Do you keep popcorn seasoning next to the salt and pepper? Darn right, you're corn-fed. This one's for you.

After everything corn has done for us, the least we could do was put it on a t-shirt. Our first limited-edition release is getting a-maize-ing reviews. "The yellow fabric really pops!" writes Allan from Minnesota. "Since I started wearing it to work, I've been repeatedly recognized as outstanding in my field!" writes Amy from Illinois. "This is one of my favorite corn shirts!" writes Sara from Ohio. Aw, shucks. It's just our humble tribute to the hardworking farmers of America's Corn Belt.

"For hundreds of miles the tall corn springs in a jungle of undeviating rows, and the stranger who sweatily trudges the corn-walled rows is lost and nervous with the sense of merciless growth." —Sinclair Lewis, "Arrowsmith"